Today it Rains

This morning it rains.

I see it with my eyes. My eyes are clearer than yesterday. Because it rains.

I hear the rain for the first time today. Yesterday I just heard noise. Today the rain calms my mind. The noise has been washed away.

I feel the rain on my skin, soaking me from head to toe. The rain has washed yesterday away.

I close my eyes, open my ears and feel the fresh breeze on my skin. I smell the rain for the first time this morning. It is still dark outside.

The rain has now stopped and the sun is rising. I see and feel the gift I’ve been handed. Nature has washed away yesterday and given us another.

Another day has begun as the darkness is pulled away by the sun. Yesterday is no more. The rain has given us yet another clean beginning as the sun rises higher.

It is a good day.

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