The Cold Creeps In

2013-03-08 17.45.36It is cold today.

No snow. It rarely snows in South Florida.

I am happy.

If Nature brings the low temperatures I know this is her way to rid this place of undesirables.

I go today to see our gift; I wonder what surprise is awaiting.

Today the cold is here also. The time is before noon.

I stand in this warm sand, yet again. I feel the warmth it gives my shoeless feet. The Sun and Earth have once again done this.

I look up and feel the warmth on my face, yet I am dressed for the cold. I feel the cold in my bones and the warmth in my feet.

The Sun smiles back and tells me, wait. Wait on me. I won’t fail. I will warm the air as I rise in the sky.  Be patient. I am here.

I change my plans this cold morning. I will do as nature tells me. I will make my walk again, just after the Sun reaches its high place; the place Nature moves her fire to.

The fire’s rightful place, the place in space where warmth comes.

Again I walk away at peace.

I have been called by the Water and Nature has given me yet another lesson.

A lesson of patience, a reason to know things are different this cold morning.

Everyday Nature is in charge.

I do not question Natures control over the Sun to keep the sand warm for my feet to walk upon and the beauty she has given me yet again.

I walk away with peace in my cold body.

I walk away with knowledge.

I walk away with Natures lesson she has taught today.

2013-05-26 18.00.10.jpg

I am cold. I will wait to return. I know the warmth is on its way. I will return to see the Power that resides in my beloved place.

This is a good day.