A Year Passes into Another

As 2017 becomes 2018 a change is in the air.

I notice a few early risers visiting…My place.

I must become easy with this fact; the fact that more have discovered  My place.

My place, is different. My place has been discovered!


I can hope these others feel the Power, the Freshness of this place and the Serenity Nature has taught Me, lessons that until today, have been Mine.

Mine alone.

I can hope My place for letting go will be felt by the visitors.

I ask that Nature teaches them Power can be found here.

Nature’s school is in My place.

I learn here; I lay my thoughts at the side of Power. I lay My unquiet mind here.

This is where Nature teaches Me Power.

I feel the need to tell these others, Hey! This is a teaching place.Be quiet and listen.

Respect the lessons taught by Natures beautiful sunrises, days the moon rises; days the sand is warmed by the sun and cooled by the Ocean.

Maybe I can shout at these visitors, Hey! the super moon comes here. I have seen the super moon rise from the Ocean and light the beach.

This lesson is Only Mine.

The others must understand the Power Nature has over this Ocean, Sun and Moon.

I ask Nature to be patient with these new footsteps in the sand.

I ask Nature to teach respect of her secrets and respect she teaches of beauty.

Today, I walk away with a different feeling.

My feelings are mixed today.

Maybe My lesson is to Share.

Share with Big and Small.

Maybe She will teach that Angels sometimes are placed here.



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