My Unquiet Mind



I sit and wait for Nature’s wonderful lesson tonight.

Yet another nights sleep evades my tired body.

By now it is 10PM. I should be tired. Ready to sleep. But unable.

Not tonight.

Sleep will not bless my body that I may be ready for the morning.

don’t understand these things. begin to question.

No…., I am not to question, Nature says. Be quiet.

My mind will not relax. Too many thoughts. Too much noise. I don’t understand this.

I have visited My place. I have seen the Moon rise out of the Ocean. I’ve been quiet on other visits, but not tonight? Why? I cannot avoid this thought creeping in.

The Moon gets higher in the sky.

I ask Nature what her lesson could be. 


I become aware of the wonder. Of the feelings I can see.

I wait. I am quiet. I only see.

I look minutes later and see Nature has moved Her Moon higher for Me to see.





The Moon lights the beach.

I am beginning to see My lesson in the night.

I see the wonder of yet another small piece of what a Natural phenomenon is.

It is the rising of quiet.

Relax. Be quiet. Don’t talk. Listen. 

I become quiet. My unquiet mind. Releasing.

I know the lesson Nature is showing Me.

Only Me.

Be quiet. Beauty I’ve shown you.


I will be here in the morning.

I lower my head. I should not question Natures’ lesson.

I leave once more at peace.


This is a Super Moon.

I smile and I know I can sleep tonight.