Fire In the Sky

There is fire in the sky today.

I see the light of morning. I look  once more for the lesson Nature has in store.

The Sun appears before my eyes, beautiful yet silent.

2013-03-08 17.45.36

I walk under this Power and I never see. I never feel the warmth. 

How could I miss something so beautiful?

Nature, with so much Power to give. If I only look up.

I never look up to see this magnificent Power.

Nature begins everyday this way, and yet I do not see.

Today….. I see.

It is early morning and today I look up in Wonder and feel the Warmness on my face and throughout my body.

2014-09-10 19.32.57

Where did this come from?

Who put this Amazing Fire in my world?

Once again questions that should not be asked.

Only believe.

I remember Nature is here. This Power is born from Nature.


2014-08-05 20.21.34-1


As evening draws near I see the Power of Nature once more.

The Power sinks back into the Sun and the Sun into the Earth.


My lesson from Nature today is to look up, look over, look straight.

The Power is everywhere. Look, I am here.

Look at me and know me.



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