Forces of Return

IMG_0084 As I leave the coldness of the place I have been, I realize I am anxious for my Lessons beside the Power to begin.

New Lessons for the New Year.

The time is after dark.

I see the blurring of white and yellow lines as I drive. I observe the red tail lights in front of me and the glaring white lights coming from an opposite direction on this long highway ride that crosses many City limits and County lines that define each State.

The hour is late, I feel tired, my mind is unquiet.

I have many emotions tonight, I am unable to explain this.

Some tear my heart apart, yet some seem healing to my soul.

I do not understand these opposite emotions that have lived inside my body for many years. I have no control here. I am lost. I feel this in the soul of my heart.

Time and miles have become one. I am unable to determine the boundaries between these markers.

As the window is opened, I feel the change in Atmosphere and Latitude.

Nature is cool, not cold. Air is moist, not dry. Vegetation is alive, not dyeing.

I smell the Ocean, the Power of it.

It is close but I cannot touch it. Not yet, not now, I only feel.

As Space between where I am and where My Lessons are learned closes; I see to the  East a Moon that is hanging low. This is My Moon.


I am certain I am able to Touch this Moon. It is close, but I cannot.

The Power is drawing me back into my home place. Nature has sent me this guide.

I feel the tearing of my soul again. Pain is sharp and deep. How can I feel this place is where I belong? Why do I feel I also belong in another place? I do not understand these overwhelming emotions placed in my Heart.

As the Moon rises higher, miles and time begin to separate. I am acutely aware of each.

Due East is the direction I follow. A small waterway runs between the road I travel and the Power Nature has taught me to fear and love. I begin to know I have been waiting to return to this Power Nature has taught me is bigger than I.

The road extends across the small waterway and ends where the Power begins.

The highway I have traveled has been stopped. It is dead. D9BE0079-D90F-4069-BA01-20909C397B3A

Power is here. Life is here. Nature is here.

I am here.

My mind is not quite as I see Natures gift. My Soul is unsettled. I feel both.

I think tonight there will be no Lesson, just feelings that linger and thoughts to be sorted tomorrow.

Tonite I leave nothing beside this Power. Tonite there is no healing.

I leave with my mind unquiet and with knowledge that I will return tomorrow.