The Miracle of Listening

I sit this cold Monday morning before the sun wakes.

I am waiting for the magic. Magic?? I think?

Nature is blessing me with yet another lesson.

I am very quiet now, so not to wake the sleeping.

img_1241I know there are Little People resting close by.

Other creatures lay asleep on this cold morning. img_1340.jpg

The time comes soon when they will begin to wake.

My lesson comes once again from Nature and Little People.

I believe the Lesson is quiet. Just be Quiet, Wait, Listen.

The sun tells me, “I will come when the time is right.”

The time I spend listening, quite, this time seems to be long. Very long.

Soon, I know, I will hear the Little People. This world belongs to them now. Not me.

I feel this to be true.

I know this to be true, my thoughts tells me.

Be quiet. “I will break into morning soon” the Sun tells me.

Nature tells me Happiness is in this place. Wait.

I do as Nature tells me, I wait. Yet I feel the excitement in my soul.

I feel the cold that has invaded this earth.

Nature tells me the cold will subside as the Sun raises from its bed.

The Sun will bring the light, the Sun will warm the day.

The Moon and Stars, will melt into the Sun and the night will be no more.

The Sun is powerful. The Sun shines brighter. The Sun warms the air.

Nature knows the Sun is Power and with the Power comes daylight.

Nature tells me to be quiet and wait. I will reveal my lesson to you very soon.

I am quiet, afraid to miss the Lesson.

I believe I hear the Angels awake. I feel Happiness bursting in my body.

I know the time is near.  My lesson is on its way. I know this to be true.

I am elated  as I wait.

I hear what surely must be horses running to my side.

But no, it is Little People!

Excitement has come to my place. Love has been awakened.

Nature brings this Love to me.

I think…. No, I am sure Angels are present now.

Yes, Nature tells me Angels are in this place. I am filled with Joy and Love.

I see and I feel the excitement in this place, in the Little People.

I saw another Spirit had come to my place. I have yet to see the Spirit.

I do not think this Spirit is part of this Lesson nature gives me.

The Spirit is gone now, but left something behind that makes the Little People dance and show excitement.


Maybe a lesson for another day, I think.

The Angels dance and play. Happiness is all I am able to see. Pure Happiness at what the Spirit has left the Angels.

I am sure the Lesson today is to Know and See excitement, the Little People and the Big, have today.

The spirit has given me Joy.

This is another Wonderful day from the Power I know.