A Lesson not Heard


Sometimes lessons are hard learned. Hard heard. Today I am reluctant  of  listening, to the Power Nature  is teaching .

Maybe I won’t listen. Maybe I will get the lesson wrong. Maybe I hear Nature’s lesson but choose to ignore.

So many excuses not to learn what I am to be taught. Sometimes I am too busy with other thoughts and my lessons don’t make their way to my Soul.

Excuses. Nature has Power to take away these lessons. Nature is Patient. I am not.

I go to my place and wait for Nature to speak to my Heart. 2013-03-08 17.45.36

Maybe I am looking too hard, listening too hard.

Today, I am selfish. I cannot quiet my mind and hear. Unable to listen, to see.

Nature is here.  Power is just a small step in front of the place I sit.


I cannot listen for the Quiet. I cannot hear the Peace.   cropped-p1010006-3.jpg

My mind is not receptive to what is new. Why? Why I’m I not listening?

Today… Today I can’t remember. What is in my mind, but mixed emotions?


My Soul is unquiet. My mind is unquiet.

I look at the Power before me.

I try to relax. I cannot.

Why are my burdens not laid down? What do I  See One step away?

Why do I question the unquestionable?

I remember.

Am I Afraid? Afraid to listen? To heal? Afraid to See what is only one step away?

The Lesson today evades my thoughts.

Maybe Nature is telling me life is hard, not easy.

I observe a rainbow. I notice two, one farther in the distance and barely visible.

2013-07-09 18.44.09.jpg


There is no end and no beginning in these rainbows.

The Power has produced beauty, pure and simple.

Power has no beginning. No end.

This must be the Lesson today? No end, no beginning?  There is Power in Beauty.


Power reminded me. Don’t test, look. I am here.

Beauty in unrest.

Nature’s Lesson is evident. There is no beginning, no end.

I come with my unquiet mind, there is Beauty.

Amazement, another piece of my unquiet mind.

I leave my place once more with heightened awareness of the Power of Nature.

This day will be good.