Perspective is a Choice Nature has given.

Some Choose to look Forward while others only look Back.    2013-05-26 18.01.36
Life moves forward in a particular Direction. Time will never stand still.

The past has many Regrets. A backward slide into a Time that was, into Moments we can never get back.
DSC00242                              IMG_2084

Look Forward to the Future and what lies ahead.        2013-05-26 18.00.10

Chances are given only once. Times that are to come. Time to Live and be Happy.

Lessons learned in the Past to be used in the Future.

The Sands are forever Changing, yet we tend to Forever look Back, remain in the Past.

Take the gift Nature has given to move Forward.

2013-03-24 14.39.13

Let the past remain in the past.