My Life is complicated. No order in which to follow. Only noises in my Head.

Am I the Person who has complicated this Life I have been given?

So it seems.

Creatures lead complicated Lives.

They forage for food in order to Live.    FEA0D881-35AF-4834-A000-5CC94FE1FAEC



Protect in order to Survive.     FE5BB8EC-547F-4FEB-8DEF-48E13BD014B4 2CE91D34-F8C3-45AD-8C4F-176A1CBF2DFA

IMG_1876They learn to follow the Strongest.




31EC051C-C2C2-4C11-A4EB-37B2AD2427A2     Yet Some get left behind.

There are no complications. Order follows Order in their Lives.


Nature has built this method of Life, built only to Survive.

I must simplify mine as well, in this order I will Survive.

So it seems.