Natures Mark

One trip by the Ocean has left a mark upon my Spirit.

F6E0DB13-D410-4840-990C-A7BF2A4C051EI feel that Nature is angry. I feel this in my Soul.



The destination before me is different from many trips before.

A ledge is by the Ocean it lies just off the Shore.

I walk ahead to see what this angry Sea has done. The Sea has made an edge. This ledge is high and steep made by the Tide, just hours before.img_0483




I notice above me the angry sky with clouds that are heavy and grey.  These clouds seem to touch the Ocean in a mysterious and ominous way.


The wind is high and mighty as it tries to control my body.

I proceed eventhough I should not. But the Power here is thrilling, I cannot walk away.

I walk into the Anger only to feel the heavy pull of the Tides in which I stand.

This Water pulls my feet and with it all the sand. I think this Ocean wants me as it tries to drag me in.

I Feel the Anger rise to my waist. This Ocean wants to trap me in.

E724DE92-0271-479E-83B5-9122F44FEAF4                                                                                     I look into the Sky and see that danger draws near.


I hear Natures steady voice “Leave this place, I insist! You do not belong here.”

I witnessed Danger and Felt the Power that I was meant to see.

It is time for me to leave now, as Nature said I should.

She is sending Irma to clean this Island right down to Core in the Earth.

I leave the way I came, maybe never to return again.

I hang my Head low as Tears fill my eyes. Only Nature can bring me back now as She is in control.

Only the Power left behind me knows what lies ahead.

I leave this place I love, as I sadly lower my head.