The Sun Rises

Today I have been given yet another gift. Nature has given me the opportunity to witness another Power she holds in her hands.

2012-08-12 06.53.51

I have arrived just in time to see the pure beginning of a new day.

I am once again, alone on my beach.

I Feel the cool wet sand beneath my feet.

It has not yet been warmed and dried by the fire of the Sun.

This will come later, I know. Be patient.

The mark of high tide is still evident, as the lines on the shore indicate.

I Feel overwhelmed by the Power as dawn breaks.

Soon the Sun will rise above the flatness of the water, above the clouds, to a higher place.

I Feel the Sun as it rises, I Feel the heat it gives the Earth.

It will not be cold today, for Nature has decided what will be.

I stand a bit longer to take in the beauty before me.

Nature has given me another lesson to hold in my Soul.

I turn once more, one more glance over my shoulder.

One last time, to see what Nature has given to begin this day.

I walk away with a Quiet mind and Full heart.

It will be a Good day.

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