Time to Quiet My Mind

The days are long. Are they long enough?

Long enough for what? For what is next? What is next?

Why we do question what should not be questioned?

I feel the ocean tides. I feel its gravitational pull.

I feel the warm sand. I know it comes only from the Sun and movement of this Earth.

I see the currents. I don’t understand this Power.

I don’t know why this beautiful water is here, naturally.

This is Power. I can see it.

I see, I feel, this beautiful span of Ocean. I feel its Power; I am powerless against this.

I feel the pull of each wave on my soul.

My ventures to the shoreline are intentional.  Am I looking for something?

Maybe there is something laying in the sand? Maybe forgiveness? Maybe serenity?

Maybe my heart lays in the sand. Why? How did it get here? How did I let this happen?

Sometimes there are no answers. Only questions. Why?

I come away at Peace with myself, my soul, my heart and my mind. All is calm.

I’ve seen something larger than everything. I’ve seen more than my problems, my doubts, my fears of what happens…Next.

My mind is quiet as I walk away. I’ve left the noise behind and I’ve come away Quiet and with Peace.

I feel walking away…… I know I left what I needed to beside the mass of water that is bigger than life itself.

This Ocean; this gift from Nature.

This Power. We dare not question why Nature chose to give this.

Time to quiet my mind

For now.

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