Tiny Steps

As I cross the dune to the place I know Nature draws only me.

I see a new gift.


I see tiny steps. How are these tiny marks placed here? I looked to find what placed the steps. I saw nothing.

Nature has left a new puzzle for me; the thought entered my mind.

Today is another change in my place. These tiny steps are from the past, surely.

The steps are small, tiny. A tiny person was here. Something left for me to find, to see.

I notice these tiny steps seem random. No particular order that I should follow.

2013-04-14 15.55.16

The small steps seem to travel to the edge of Natures expanse of Ocean. Then travel away, almost afraid of the Power that resides here.

As I observe the tiny steps, I think to myself, these are steps of uncertainty.


I realized these tiny steps respect the Power here.

feel happy these steps know the Power, as I.

The steps, I notice are now beside this Ocean. They seem to be walking along with the teasing waves. Close to the water, but never touching the Power.


As I follow the tiny puzzle Nature has left me to solve, I see far away, but not too far, a small person placing the steps in a random path. I have to follow.


This is a tiny human. He knows the Power in this place.


My place. This tiny person has stepped into my place.

This is my place Nature gives, alone to me, my mind is saying.

The tiny person then stops and looks around. The tiny person sees me.


This tiny person runs back the way the steps have traveled once before.

I am sure this small guy is thinking the same as I. Hey, big person, why are you in this place that belongs only to me?

My mind tells me this must be a tiny Angel that Nature has sent to me.

A new lesson.

This Angel knows I am big and he is small.

This Angel knows he belongs in my place.

This Angel is Power, I feel it.

The Angel runs right up to me and gives me a treasure that was laying in the sand.


The Angel looks up as if to say, walk into the water with me so I can touch this Power.

I am leery of what this Angel is asking of me. Do I dare touch this Ocean? Do I dare touch this Power with this little Angel that holds my hand? Why should I trust this?




We step into the water, into Nature. The small Angel laughs as if to say, I know the Power is here. I will teach you big person the Power that Nature gave to us.


Then I feel, as does the Angel, the pull of the tide under our feet. We feel the cool sand as the Ocean removes the warmth the sand once held. The sand falls away from both of our feet as Nature is saying, I am Big, I am the Power here.



I now Nature has sent the Angel to this place.

I feel happiness within my heart now whenever I see small Angels.

Once again I walk from this place with a quiet mind and a happy heart.

Time to quiet my mind

I have learned, with an Angel, that the Ocean is Power and Nature….. is.


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