Found In Another Place

Today, I see this trip to my favorite spot that touches the Power is different. Power tells me to leave.This has become a place today, Nature has warned Me; things are present.I am Dangerous. I listen to this voice in my mind and Feel the Power. It is angry.I walk away wondering of what I have seen in the far distance.The reason the warning Nature has bestowed.I Listen and Feel.Today I will find a different place to feel the Power I’ve known so many times.I leave my spot.I wonder back from which I came.I have decided, I will go. This IS danger.I ride a small train in the mid day summer Sun.I turn and see the Little Person!Maybe this is my lesson from Nature.I move closer to see.The Angel is here today!img_19541.jpgThe Angel is happy when he turns to me.The Angel seems to know; I am the Big Person he was sent by Nature to learn of Power, just days ago.He breaks out In laughter.I Know and Feel the Happiness that engulfs my Soul.I know this is My lesson. Look around. Laughter is all around.I have to See more. As I walk away the Happiness follows me.I Feel happy this Angel has brought true Happiness.There is a big person with the angel!This big person smiles also!img_1953.jpgI thank Nature, yet once more, for this lesson.I feel the laughter the little Angel has placed in my soul. I smile to myself .I See the Happiness. This…. this is the Lesson.Power is happiness.Laughter has spread to the other big person.I am Happy today. I Laugh today. I Feel a happy Soul.The Angel has returned!Happiness is all around me.Happiness has touched this Angel. Happiness has touched Power.This Day is Good!

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